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Lindsay Zodrow
Lindsay is an all-around stellar creative working in the OKC area. She’s a multi-faceted artist and designer. She’s also half of the mural and sign painting powerhouse duo Yo Bro. We’ve always looked up to Lindsay as an artist, business owner, and friend, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with her!

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The infamous, secretive, anonymous, not-Banksy art of Post It Head has been called a lot of things, but mostly better than that one guy.

Hailing from somewhere around California or not, Post It Head can be found absorbing the ions in nature with Bigfoot, and by “found” I mean only if you are Post It Head or Bigfoot.

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[COMING SOON!] Michele Pierce is an illustrator and avid plant lady with roots in the Midwest. She is currently pursuing a BFA with an emphasis in graphic design and printmaking.

Shelly’s versatile use of mediums and confidence in artistic exploration set her artwork apart. We are big fans.

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Cody Eich
From “Growing up drawing and creating art from a young age, Cody graduated with an art degree from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. Over the course of seven years during and after his college education, Cody worked at a civil engineering firm doing computer aided drafting, colour renderings, and 3D design. After a fortunate conversation with an experienced tattoo shop owner, Cody was offered an apprenticeship under the mentorship of Chris “Calli” Callister and began tattooing in 2011. Through the inspiration of nature and countless other artists, his desire to leave a unique mark in the tattoo industry has compelled him to create an aesthetic all his own, giving him the opportunity to tattoo people from all over the world.”

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Dave Massman

[COMING SOON!] Dave Massman, of Watchman Woodworks is an elementary librarian from Austin, Tx.  He started woodworking with his dad growing up and in 2009 he began designing and building his own furniture and smaller wooden wares for fun.  These days, Dave still likes to have fun making wooden hands, mobiles, and sculptures and thinking about what furniture he wants to make next.  He has two young kids, Shepherd and Ruth, who are getting pretty good at sanding.  

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Dirty Needle Embroidery is a chainstitch and freemotion embroidery wizard. He cranks out art on other-worldly machines imbued with the power of sewing really cool looking things. Currently working in Clinton, OK, you can see his work at West OK Coop.

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